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Custom built aluminium boats


Waelbers Boats & Equipment develops and builds boats with an emphasis on long service life, safety, reliability and sailing enjoyment.

Our inspired and innovative approach to development and building, based on cradle to cradle philosophies, guarantees high-quality products from Waelbers Boats & Equipment. The use of low-maintenance materials such as aluminium gives our products, including the Waelboat650, long service lives at a low cost.

Our boat building activities stem from many years of acquiring technical abilities and manual skills through processing and welding various materials, including a variety of aluminium sheet alloys.


Waelbers’ objective is to produce custom-made aluminium boats to a fixed concept. Waelbers Boats & Equipment chooses to design and build seaworthy and robust boat types. Waelbers’ unique philosophy and flexible organisation makes it a valuable addition to the market.

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